love and lust

​It is not that people do not know the difference between love and lust,  but the society has conditioned us to view it as immoral to say “I lust for you”  even when we know that might be the only truth.  Life is so easy,  but we keep insisting on making it difficult.  

My point is,  why do we have to lie to obtain the qualities that we seek,  shouldn’t  we say things as they are?  

Love is a strong feeling of fondness  that you have for someone whereas lust is only a sexual desire.  We shouldn’t get the two mixed.  

I personally have a strong belief that what we see depends mainly on what we look  for,  so basically we should know what we’re after,  know our own worth to know our contentment.   It was said that it takes wisdom to understand wisdom,  otherwise,  the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.  

Anyhow,  one should go for whatever floats their boat.  

Written by Humphrey Malatsi


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