Life purpose

​I personally believe that we all have a purpose in life, but it isn’t everyone whom their life purpose is clearly known to them. We make effort to discover what our purpose is but it seems as if we’re going the wrong way about it. 

Trying to uncover your true life purpose with external analytics is like searching for your soul mate without your soul. You’re always looking in the wrong places with wrong vision…and you never quite find what you’re looking for
We end up giving ourselves roles and wrong titles because we get lost under the conviction that we have “found ourselves” when we’re actually lying to ourselves .

Positive affirmation to ourselves is what we cling so hard to, but using positive affirmation without changing your core belief is like trying to convince a man to see without opening his eyes!
Perhaps we should have some self-introspection first before we can go all bananas about discovering our life purposes. 


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