the three empty words.

I love you…of what significance are these words? How worthy are they? …what do they even mean??

I somehow feel that we, people, have exhausted the value of these words, and it’s so sad how we go all bananas over them. But gradually they are losing value. Lately they have become such an empty utterance

What happened to the “I love you” that you make you weak to your knees? The “I love you” that would make your heart skip a beat and start seeing twinkling little stars in your eyes?

In today’s life, telling one that you love them is like asking “how are you?” I mean…it’s only a formality, you already know what the response will be and therefore won’t move you any inch …what a life we’re living.

We probably shouldn’t use these words unless if we really mean them,because….I mean really, they’re becoming meaningless.


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